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Because a jewellery collection never exists on its own, during periods of price adjustments, sales or the success of the best-sellers, Misaki has chosen to share the events that reflect the brand on the website. Here, the pearl rematerialises with a chic, elegant air. Go behind the scenes of a photo shoot, video campaigns and new collections that blossom throughout the seasons ... Trade fairs, press articles, festivals, social networks: Misaki jewellery reveals its true face in the pages of the media and on the web. By its presence at the heart of fashion, design and in international trade fairs, Misaki puts the spotlight on key events which give the collections their rhythm. Shared moments of pleasure which reflect the cosmopolitan history of the brand and its striking manner of celebrating the pearl by placing it at the heart of the event… So many images bring the creations to life and immerse you in the Misaki pearl jewellery universe...