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Bijoux en perles MISAKI : Les Making Of

Bijoux en perles MISAKI : Les Making Of

An up-to-date, feminine styling, summer lighting, sublime making up, a hazy production and the scene is set... Reflecting the ambiance of the shoot and the spirit of the collection is the making of book, key images of these precious moments. Actions, style intentions, artistic direction: just like a private screening, Misaki goes behind the scenes of the audiovisual creations, spotlighting the flagship collections from all angles...



Collection : Sway

Places : Monte Carlo, Monaco

Date : June 2017




Collection : Almeria

Places : Parc naturel régional de Camargues

Manade Saliérène, Albaron

Date : June 2016




Collection : Cheek to Cheek

Places : Hartung Bergman Foundation, Antibes

Hercules Port & downtown, Monaco

Date : July 2015