Misaki Jewels Pearls : Materials

Misaki Materials

Across our collections pearls are paired with many kinds of material in a chic, creative way. Precious or fantasy metals, mineral or handmade materials: the pearl jewels explore shapes and combinations, in overlaying patterns and traceries that contribute to their originality and diversity…

In its “Jewellery” line, Misaki pairs the pearl with precious materials. Pompoms of carnal and sensual mink invest the jewels with a style at once glamorous and chic.

The use of druse, from agate crystals, gives the jewels a raw, precious character lending them high-intensity brilliance. Specially hard, this stone boasts an extremely wide colour spectrum.

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The Misaki “High Fantasy” line, meanwhile, offers more atypical combinations of original materials with handmade glass pearls.

Used in leather craft and carpentry, but also jewellery, shagreen is leather from cartilaginous fish such as ray, particularly hard to tan. Covered with silica pearls, its polished or granular appearance by turns, produces an unusual brilliance, mineral or tanned.

A solid plastic material made from polymers, resin has properties that make it especially suitable for modelling, allowing the creation of a great number of designs, with diverse and varied shapes and colours.