Misaki pearl jewelry : Brand

Collier Rythm

Created in 1987, Misaki is a luxury jewellery brand, specialising in an emblematic material – the pearl: cultured pearls and crafted glass pearl beads.

Based in the Principality of Monaco, Misaki cleverly combines the beauty and perfection of pearls with original and modern designs. Born from a love story between 2 globetrotters - a French photographer and a Japanese illustrator - the Misaki brand proposes a pearl that is truly Jet Set. The design of the collections is sophisticated and contemporary, mixing pure shapes and lines with precious, quality materials.

At the end of 2014, the brand was bought by the Altéal Group, who wanted to develop it and give it a new dimension. Misaki thus modernised its image thanks to a new artistic direction. A new concept of collections was created, inspired by jazz music and dance. Each of these collections is reminiscent of a melody, and the name of each creation is a song lyric.


Far from the usual clichés surrounding classic pearl jewellery, the brand now proposes more contemporary and creative interpretations, highlighting a “new wave” pearl, inspired from the Made in Monaco glamour and sophistication.

The 1st collection “Cheek to Cheek”, inspired by the famous duo of Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, presented graphic models, that played with asymmetry and interlacing, with the pearls moving together, side by side, cheek to cheek.

The 2nd collection “Almeria”, pays tribute to the passionate love story between Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, written about in his song “Initials BB”. The pieces are rhythmic and sensual, the pearls wrap themselves around each other, prettily, tenderly.

The new collection “Sway” takes its inspiration from the famous Dean Martin mambo from 1954, reinterpreted by Pink Martini and pays homage to Monaco by drawing on all of its qualities.