Misaki handmade and cultured pearls are sensitive to any exposure to heat, humidity or abrasive or corrosive substances.

Like gemstones and many precious materials, pearl jewellery must be very carefully looked after if it is to retain its intense brilliance.

Cultured pearls, which are produced by living organisms in saltwater or freshwater, require a certain amount of water to prevent them from drying out or losing their lustre.

Dehydrated pearls lose their shine and brilliance; they will become tarnished and prone to cracking.


Cosmetic products, perfumes, hairspray, make-up and household products, considered to be the number one enemies of pearls, all pose a major threat.

We therefore recommend that you do not put your jewellery on until after you have finished getting ready, and that you take it off before going to bed.

Protect your pieces by storing them in a dry place, in separate compartments from the rest of your jewellery.

To clean them, use a soft cloth or chamois to restore their lustre.

Finally, to prevent necklaces and long sautoirs from getting tangled up, put them away individually and when you’re travelling, store them in compartment boxes.

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Tous nos bijoux sont fabriqués avec des matériaux de qualité sur une base d'argent 925, acier ou laiton, rhodiés ou dorés à l'or.

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