Just like gems and many precious materials, cultured pearl jewels require great care, essential to preserve a jewel in perfect condition.

Made in the sea or in freshwater by living organisms, pearls need a certain amount of water to avoid drying out and losing their lustre.

A pearl suffering from dehydration loses its shine and brilliance; it becomes dull and prone to cracking before breaking completely.


Considered to be the number one enemy of pearls, cosmetics (perfumes, lacquer sprays, make-up) along with all other household products containing chemicals, are a major “health risk” to pearls.

It is also highly advisable to avoid wearing pearl jewels after using beauty products.

In the same way, by secreting acid, perspiration can also be harmful to the beauty of pearls and mother-of-pearl.


Instructions to preserve the original luminous shine of your pearls…

- Protect your pearls by storing them in separate jewellery cases and compartments from the rest of your jewels, after wiping and rubbing them with a damp cloth or a chamois leather soaked in a little olive oil.

- To keep the lustre of your pearls, avoid materials such as wool and cotton that cause the pearls to dry out, as well as damaging accessories.

- Do not hesitate to occasionally dip your pearls in salt water to rehydrate them as naturally as possible.

- Choose a silk thread for stringing your pearls on a necklace to increase its comfort, flexibility and resistance through the years.

All these storage and care precautions are necessary in order to preserve the timeless beauty of a cultured pearl jewel. If in doubt, please refer to a specialist who will draw on their expertise to restore your jewel to its former shine.

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