Who is behind Misaki Monaco’s creations?

Axelle Alech

“ What I love most about jewellery is its power, the way it allows you to assert your style and your femininity. I love to see life breathed into a piece by the personality of the wearer. For me, jewellery is the detail that makes the difference. ”


I spent my entire childhood at the heart of my family’s jewellery business in the city of Nevers in Nièvre.

I was immersed in the atmosphere of the studios and engravings, as well as constant customer contact.

Through my childish eyes, I always loved to watch a customer’s face light up as they chose their piece and as it was gift wrapped.

I also found it fascinating to see jewellery take shape through the working of metal, pearls and gemstones.

The atmosphere in the jewellery store, the lights, the staging of the products, the preparation of the window displays and the decor all gave me a passion for aesthetics, an eye for detail and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2014, the year I turned 30, I discovered Misaki, the Monegasque jewellery brand founded in 1987. It was love at first sight and a return to my roots.

It took me a while to get my bearings and find a balance, the right direction, a path and a link between the past and the present.

There, I met Camille, a jeweller by trade and a designer. Entirely naturally, a shared vision for the brand emerged. We wanted to create our own world, while retaining the links with the past.

It is our bond, our personalities and our emotions that lie behind the magnificent selection of jewellery that Misaki offers today.

And so the story begins, , with you.

The women who make Monaco - l'Observateur de Monaco 

Camille Treil De Pardailhan


“I’m fascinated by the idea that men and women have always adorned themselves, and I wanted to create something that would move people, that would evoke a memory or forge a relationship that would be symbolised by the piece of jewellery.”
Axelle Alech and I have the same desire to create jewellery that magnifies feminine beauty. We have a shared vision, energies which complement one another. The greatest reward is seeing our pieces worn with pride, with softness and with daring, too. »


French Riviera
runs through our DNA

Misaki offers bright, dazzling jewellery, all designed in Monaco.

Each piece adds a touch of sensuality to highlight the décolletage, the neck or the hollow of the wrist.

The passionate and creative designers, Axelle Alech and Camille Treil De Pardhailan, make jewellery that bring out femininity.

Drawing inspiration from the art de vivre, that enviable art of living well and appreciating life that is synonymous with the French Riviera,
each piece is an ode to sparkling, independent women.

Sharing female values with women:

90% of Misaki team members are women.

By women for women:
it is through you and with you that our creations come to life.


Misaki’s philosophy is perfectly encapsulated in the credo:

Pearl your life.

It’s a mindset that reflects the fact that we design our jewellery for women of all kinds.

Whether you’re busy, mischievous, playful, assertive or shy – whatever your personality, our jewellery is there for you, at every moment of your day.

There to build you up, share life with you and support you every step of the way.

Misaki Guarantees

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority.
For any question: [email protected]

Our Boxes

We take great care in preparing our order: all our jewelry is delivered in beautiful boxes or satin bags.


The very essence of the Misaki Monaco brand, the pearl is sublimated through our sun creations.


All our jewelry is made with quality materials on a 925 silver, steel or brass base, rhodium-plated or gold-plated.

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