Ø 10 mm stud earrings Bijoux perle Misaki Monaco
Ø 10 mm stud earrings Bijoux perle Misaki Monaco
Ø 10 mm stud earrings
Ø 10 mm stud earrings

Ø 10 mm stud earrings Silver with purple tahiti pearls


A blend of elegance and playfulness, these handmade stud earrings are the very essence of femininity!

Pearl color
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Mauve
  • Dark grey


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These are glass pearls crafted using unique expertise whereby the glass pearl is coated, by hand, with successive layers of synthetic iridescent mother-of-pearl. A long, painstaking process is employed to achieve a series of superimposed layers, resulting in pearls that boast a brilliant lustre. Handmade pearls sometimes surpass the brilliance of cultured pearls due to a unique, controlled process that uses Super High Lustre (SHL) technology. They come with a certificate of authenticity as Xtreme Lustre imitation pearls, thanks to a partner with more than 60 years of experience in Osaka (Japan) and Vietnam. The pearls shine with a refined vivacity. With their preppy chic style, these earrings with their 10 mm handmade pearls embody elegance and gentle charm. The voluptuous handmade pearls make these classic earrings sensual and delicate.

Product family
Product subfamily
Cheek to Cheek
Set N°4
Pearl type
Hand made glass pearls
Pearl size
Ø 9,5-10 mm
Ø 10 mm
Size (cm)
1,5 cm
Pearl color

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Ø 10 mm stud earrings Bijoux perle Misaki Monaco
Ø 10 mm stud earrings Bijoux perle Misaki Monaco

Pearl earrings that combine prestige and simplicity

They measure 10 mm in diameter and are among the most beautiful pearls in our jewellery collections. This makes these earrings one of our "big" models. While the smallest earrings measure 4 mm and the largest 12 mm, this pair of earrings combines luxury and simplicity.

The pearls are always adorned with a natural aura, a timeless style that allows them to pass through fashions and eras without ever losing their seductive power. Misaki Monaco sublimates this fine stone through creations in the air of time. By their size and their brilliance, these earrings will bring a touch of originality to your look.

Handcrafted pearls in many colors

Choose the pair of earrings that will enhance your style and reveal your personality. These earrings feature pearls of which you can choose the color. White pearls are classic and timeless, transcending your look with lightness and finesse.

To add a touch of sophistication to your jewellery, opt for a deep, shiny black pearl or a dark, intense grey. For a feminine look, choose pearls in a light, soft pink. And green, purple or mauve pearls will energise your look with their resolutely trendy and original colors.

Ø 10 mm stud earrings Bijoux perle Misaki Monaco

Misaki Monaco Pearls

Pearl is the very essence of the Misaki Monaco brand, and this precious, rare and noble material is enhanced by our contemporary, unique designs.
We offer two different ranges: one line of jewellery using cultured pearls, and another featuring handmade pearls.

Ø 10 mm stud earrings Bijoux perle Misaki Monaco

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You can also email the team at [email protected].

Our Boxes

Our boxes are specially designed to suit each of our creations.

The black velvet foam helps our pieces to stand out with a modern, stylish presentation.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we take meticulous care when preparing your order.

Ø 10 mm stud earrings Bijoux perle Misaki Monaco



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Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority.
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Our Boxes

We take great care in preparing our order: all our jewelry is delivered in beautiful boxes or satin bags.


The very essence of the Misaki Monaco brand, the pearl is sublimated through our sun creations.


All our jewelry is made with quality materials on a 925 silver, steel or brass base, rhodium-plated or gold-plated.

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