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The Misaki Monaco winter capsule is an ode to renewed freedom... at least for our look! These self-affirming styles, instil an irrepressible desire for insouciance, where dreams of nocturnal birds filter through into broad daylight.
Axelle and Camille invite you to this capsule to enjoy a sparkling winter, symbolising the return of the light.
The set stones dazzle while the mother-of-pearl revels in its absolute purity. The pearls, the hallmark of the Misaki Monaco brand, are worn with daring charm. As symbols of happiness, love and luck, they perfectly embody gentleness and femininity. Our jewellery is also imbued with meaning and generates emotions, conveying strong messages, a feeling of protection and luck.
Unveil your personality with Misaki Monaco pearl collections!

Sun-drenched jewellery, designed in Monaco

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Rise & Shine

BOLD Earrings

Misaki Monaco
These Bold drop earrings are undoubtedly among the Misaki studio’s most assertive designs. They are striking, yet ultra-feminine. They are entirely set by hand.

TREE Earrings

Misaki Monaco
The leaves rustle in the wind, curl and return to their place. It is this constant movement that the Misaki design studio wanted to capture in its asymmetric Tree earrings.


Misaki Monaco
Those fabulous evenings on the French Riviera were the Misaki studio’s inspiration for these unique earrings. The simplicity of the design showcases the pearls that are the centre of attention.

DANCE Earrings

Misaki Monaco
Dance earrings boast an elegant, contemporary design, with two curved lines that ripple at your ears. A white cultured pearl sets them off. Dance earrings are set with white zirconia, which sparkle and showcase the iridescence of the pearl. 

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The very essence of the Misaki Monaco brand, the pearl is sublimated through our sun creations.


All our jewelry is made with quality materials on a 925 silver, steel or brass base, rhodium-plated or gold-plated.

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