NEWLIFE Long Necklace

NEWLIFE Long Necklace Silver with white cultured pearls


In this piece, the clover as reinvented by Misaki shines at the centre of three mother-of-pearl lockets. Mother of pearl is a potent symbol of love and purity.

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With its shimmering reflections and elegant beauty, it brings out the femininity and softness of this cultured pearl and sterling silver sautoir. A symphony of pearls and four-leaf clovers strung on a beautiful sautoir around your neck! With this piece, Misaki presents the things that the brand values above all else: the sensuality of cultured pearls, the lucky charm of a four-leaf clover delicately inserted into a golden sphere against a mother-of-pearl background. A symbolic, meaningful necklace.

Product family
Product subfamily
Pearl type
Cultured pearls
Pearl size
Ø 6,5-7 mm
Size (cm)
80 cm
Pearl color

A silver or gold necklace with cultured pearls

Authentic cultured pearls are used in this long silver necklace. Round and white, they punctuate a chain in forçat mesh, a necklace whose color you can choose. Indeed, this 925 silver jewel can be covered with a yellow gold or rhodium plating. Golden or silver plated, the necklace shines with a thousand lights on your neck, especially since it has multiple ornaments.

Indeed, in addition to cultured pearls, the New Life necklace features small medallions. On a mother-of-pearl background, a four-leaf clover blossoms, a motif that will bring you happiness in all circumstances.

A long necklace and jewellery decorated with lucky clovers on a mother-of-pearl background

If you want to brighten up your style with pearls and silver, then discover the jewels of the New Life collection by Misaki Monaco. The white and iridescent mother-of-pearl is at the heart of these creations. It highlights the symbol of luck par excellence: the four-leaf clover. As rare and precious as a pearl, it blossoms on a mother-of-pearl background in many of our jewels.

So, if you want to wear lucky charms, discover this New Life necklace but also our ring, our bracelet and our choker, all decorated with clovers, mother-of-pearl and pearls. These different talismans, golden or rhodium-plated, will bring a touch of fantasy and light to your style.

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