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Rediscover the pearl via the chic yet informal world of Misaki, with daringly bold graphic jewellery designs that modernise this emblematic material. Unusual creations, basic or new: all the jewellery of the developing collections can be found in the e-boutique. Adorned with quintessential timeless elegance, the creations combine the pearl with different types of precious, mineral or crafted materials. Endless jewellery ideas that will enhance plunging necklines as much as elegant dresses, all the time placing the pearl at the very heart, the very centre of attention. Come flirt with femininity and style, with the glamour and fantasy that crafted or noble cultured pearls offer. Loops and strings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and rings, watches and earrings all made from pearls….visit the Misaki e-boutique at whim and let your inspirations and desires guide you to adopt whatever style takes your fancy!

Pearl Jewelry

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